the passion of the sea

I am so, so happy to announce:

At last, Cadivel II is here.

The journey continues as Samuel, Owen, and friends discover the deeper truth behind Raymond Perrin’s conquest and the raging war between Borrigan and the Salt Empire. The truth lies in an island republic of magicians, Petrino, and two dark and long-buried secrets. One secret is an individual quest for vengeance; the other is a centuries-long struggle to control the strongest magic in the Middle Lands.

Samuel balances his relationship with Anna with his ability to aid the princess of the Salt Empire, Linde, against her mad father. Owen develops his magical skills and Evander faces a deadly, winged foe. An epic journey to the White Mountains, a lost village, a corrosive poison, unexpected deaths, and family reunions await you in Cadivel II.

The truth behind the narrator, the world’s magic, and the world’s chaos all is to be discovered.

Get it now for Kindle for just $3.99 on Amazon.


For me, Cadivel was the first project that I seriously wrote, that I seriously worked on. After coming up with the idea by chance on the beach in the summer of 2013–two brothers displaced by war move into a magnificent castle with their evil uncle–I set out to write a short story. Bit by bit, it evolved into an enormous work, at one point more than 180,000 words long. With help from family, friends, and teachers, I revised it several times and cut it by nearly a third into a much trimmer 130,000 word epic fantasy novel. Of course, it has further evolved since then.

I will be honest: I had originally hoped to get an agent, and to have it legitimately published. However, as some of you are aware, the agent-seeking process is a tremendous and a difficult one. Although several agents, including two from the Writer’s House, were interested and read the entire manuscript, they eventually passed up on my work. Tired of seeking agents, but hoping to put Cadivel to rest in order to move on to new writing and fiction, I decided that I would self-publish Cadivel instead.

I worked on it for more than two years in total and grew to love the characters and the world that I had spent so much time in. I can only hope that some of the people who read it will feel the same way–that Owen is a younger brother you can trust, that Linde is someone you can feel and root for, that Ophir is someone who you can marvel and wonder about. I hope you like the sturdy cliffs of Cadivel and the great White Mountains, the golden domes of Altres, and the mighty coniferous forest. I hope you like to read my book, and I hope you share it with your friends.

Thank you so much for your time.



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