Dearest returning reader,

Incorrigible and unstoppable as war may be, deeper forces rule the Middle Lands than fighting alone. Magic—one of these very forces—fills the air of the sky above Cadivel, the coniferous forest, the southern plains, the White Mountains. It also permeates the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds that blossom in the land. One that siphons this magic may put it to good use, but the source remains, as constant as a line and as permanent as the sea. Remember the depth and passion of the forces that be: they end for no one.

Yours fondly,


Within the next two weeks, the saga will continue.

After a chaotic battle for control of the idyllic seaside town of Cadivel between two opposing factions of the vast and magic Salt Empire, there is no time for rest. The self-proclaimed lord of Cadivel in league with the enemy forces, Samuel and Owen’s uncle, and dark magician Raymond Perrin is on the loose and undoubtedly scheming to take back the town. Meanwhile the mystery of Lucienne Robin unfolds, with her white-haired magical sister of paramount importance–but for unknown reasons. With the town at peace, Anna has a chance to find her father, and Owen can develop his newfound magical skills under the magician Evander.

From deep in the Salt Empire, darker forces begin to rise, creeping along the rocky coast, all the way towards Cadivel. Among them is a vulture.

Cadivel Cover Book 2 close up

Cadivel II: The Passion of the Sea will feature the long-awaited, cover-depicted ridiculous magical battle between birds (have a guess at who the hawk is?). It features a journey to the great White Mountains in search of a long-lost magician. It features the dissolution and reformation of the Perrin family. The bawdy politics of the Salt Empire come to full tilt, the gray hair of Lucienne comes full circle, the river of war comes to a mysterious end. And our beloved narrator, author of the Cadivel poem, known only as S, will reveal his stake in the fight for peace.

Who is the one with the gray hair?

The snow keeps calm in the alpine air

That lacks the brimming stars so bright

And why does the green-eyed dream of white?

If freedom is dealt solely by the sky,

Power is boundless for those who fly.

A secret washes up in the fingertips

And soon the tide sees lips cross lips,

But love alone in the winter brings only strife,

Wounds left unhealed until granted life,

And granted life by five parts of a whole,

An orb of glass, a sword of bone.

The savage birds face death by stone,

The wounds they cause take time and gold.

After the fire the anchors fall,

Fall like wyverns, chasm squall;

The whiter the hair, the greater the chance

Of a price on sale, a dissolution dance,

But can the dissolute redeem each time?

And can ancient blood reach out in time?

And when they come will Sonya wake?

In resurrection make no mistake,

The ocean never lies: imbalance vaults the sky.

I sincerely hope that you stay tuned and read Cadivel II when it is released. In the meantime, please download Cadivel I for just $0.99 if you haven’t yet.


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