Everything You Need to Know About Cadivel

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Now available on Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Cadivel-Town-Rough-Edges-Sea-ebook/dp/B0153V2QXO

Cover art by Callum Backstrom

Yes, I wrote a book, and it’s out on Kindle. I’m going to skimp out on any and all artfulness and tell you straight what’s up.

What is Cadivel?

Cadivel is a young adult fantasy that tells the story of a beautiful besieged town and its saviors. Told by a mysterious narrator with an affinity for the sea, Cadivel begins with Samuel and Owen, who are displaced from their home because of a war between their home country and the imperial Salt Empire. They flee North, and get taken in by their uncle, who lives in a magnificent medieval castle. Yet their uncle is not exactly who he seems, and when Samuel and Owen investigate, they discover their caretaker may be the biggest threat to their new home.

How do I get it?

On Amazon; the link’s at the top of the page. There are lots of Kindle apps and various ways you can get it–you don’t need to have a Kindle. It’s only $3.99.

Why should I get it?

Ah, I’m so glad you asked. Well, firstly, you might enjoy it. The whole book has been critiqued by an MFA out of Warren Wilson’s famous creative writing program, so the writing is by no means poor. Cadivel features a gorgeous and expansive fantasy world, rich characters, romance, political intrigue, and even magic.

Secondly, I’m going to give 50% of revenue to Room to Read.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.06.24 PM

Room to Read is an incredible charity that focuses on literacy and gender equality in education. Their literacy programs focus on teacher training and support, quality reading materials, and hazard-free learning environments. Girls education is the surest way to address global poverty, and Room to Read does it through targeting inequality in primary school, providing mentoring and life skills, and enlisting parental involvement. Room to Read has established over 17,000 libraries and has benefited nearly 10 million children! That is absolutely amazing. The purchase of a copy of Cadivel contributes $1.37 to the cause (1/2 of Amazon’s 70% royalty).

I like the sweet cover, but why are there birds on it?

That’s part of the larger series. You will see some giant, sentient birds in Cadivel, but the cover is as much of a preview of what is to come as much as it is a reflection of the conflict of “A Town by the Rough Edges of the Sea” alone. There is Cadivel II in our (not too distant) futures. In other words, get pumped for crazy bird fight scenes with lightning bolts included.

What’s up with the Cadivel poem?

One line of “The Cadivel poem” accompanies each chapter of Cadivel. The poem reflects on the events of the current and future chapters, while providing clues of what’s to come.

What is the world of Cadivel?


Marinne, or the Middle Lands

I won’t reveal too much now, because I’d love for you to read the book and find out. Plus I’m going to make another blog post at some point going into some more depth about this. But for now, what you need to know is that Marinne, or the Middle Lands, is one of three known continents. Magic is known to flow out of the lands northeast of the Eastern Sea; technology tends to flourish where magic is subdued. Magic is not common in the Middle Lands.

The two major countries are Borrigan and the Salt Empire. Borrigan split from the Salt Empire several hundred years ago due to economic and religious differences, though they have generally been at peace since the split. The Salt Empire is vast, full of natural resources (especially salt in the center, iron ore in the northeast, and gold in the southwest), and has a system of nobility not unlike that of Europe before the 19th century. Borrigan has banned noble titles, and thus has a considerably more modern economic system. The whole of Marinne is on the verge of technological breakthrough, with the first factory cities  Gorna and the Red City beginning to emerge. Another noteworthy country is the easterly island republic of Petrino, where magic still prospers.

Except for major cities like Altres, the capital of the Salt Empire, and other southern cities, most of Marinne is not culturally diverse. Identical ethnic groups take up large amounts of land, dotted with purely indigenous societies. The nobles of the Salt Empire frequently trace their lineage from prehistoric kings often identified as gods, though other say that these kings were conquerers from southern lands. A thousand years later, conquerer kings from the north laid conquest to Marinne, but in a genocide known as the Banes that took place almost 3000 years before the events of Cadivel, all pureblood northlanders were slain. Most of Borrigan is ethnically an intermixture of northlanders and indigenous groups, while the south a mixture of southlanders and indigenous groups.

… That’s enough for now.

I’ve noticed the strange subsection headings… “Fire”, “Thunder”, etc…. What are these?

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 7.18.14 PM

I’ve associated each subsection of Cadivel with an element, sometimes taking liberty in my definition of “element”. It is the force–either literary, actual, or mythical–that drives each section of the story. More on this later as well.

What can I do to help spread Cadivel?

Share this blog post (or the last one) with your social networks! Invite friends and family to read the book. Give it a review on Amazon. It would mean a lot to me, and also to those that benefit from donations to Room to Read–children all around the world.

What can I look forward to next?

-Blog posts revealing more information about the world of Cadivel, and in the future, secret, unreleased chapters

-More Cadivel artwork (?)

-A Cadivel facebook page (this week or next week), where you’ll be able to see information about the donations to charity and also deals/promotions for the Amazon product

So, is that it?

Yes. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Cadivel

  1. Hi,

    I like how this is an anagram for cad evil. But yo, is this book the next Lord of the Rings? The next Harry Potter. Lol no.

    This is the FIRST cadivel.

    I wish there were more birds tho. Eric. WTF. More birds. Thx.

    If Donald Trump were to review this book, he might say:

    “Everyone says that I hate Cadivel. I have a great relationship with Cadivel. I love Cadivel. So, because of that, let’s MAKE CADIVEL GREAT AGAIN. Ok? The Hunger Games? Lame. Out of touch. Low energy. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe – listen, written by a real dummy.”

    But seriously Eric. Look at the cover. Birds. I just want more birds. Penguins. Dodos. Scones. Egrets. You know. Birds. Bats. Spiders. That type of thing. Would be the one suggest I would make to make this book better.

    Too dal doo. Till book 2.


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